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In order to curb the spread of the new coronavirus, India suspended all passenger flights in late March. Recently, India has restarted part of its international air transport business. The AXB1344 flight operated by Air India Express this time is a return flight operated by the government to perform the national evacuation mission. The passengers are Indian citizens who have previously worked or lived in the Middle East.

Ward from Long Beach in the United States asked his 16-year-old son to go to the gas station to buy a lottery ticket and bought five new lottery tickets with the lottery prizes he had previously won.

Another official press conference between González and the Federal Trade Commission and the Postal Inspection Service passed the national lottery at 2 pm, and the certificate passed the unconditional renewal procedure and was issued in November 2004.

It is reported that if he chooses to receive it in a lump sum, he can get a pre-tax bonus of US$279.1 million (approximately 1.897 billion yuan), which is about 62% of the officially announced winning amount. After deducting 25% of the federal tax, the final amount is 209 million U.S. dollars (about 1.42 billion yuan). Sina Lottery will continue to pay attention to the redemption information of the lottery winner.

Eight stray puppies in India were beaten to death. The mother dog wandered to the burial place every day. Eight stray puppies in Bangalore, India, were killed by the former air force ensign's wife Ponnamma. Their mother, Ammu, saw this scene with her own eyes and wandered in sorrow at the place where the puppies were buried, and died four months later. lottery sambad yesterday morningPonnamma told the animal protection group involved in the concern that the dog mother gave birth to 8 puppies at the door of her house not long ago, "This is a lesson for the dog mother." This incident happened on March 15 this year. Ponnamma threw eight 15-day-old puppies to the ground. Some even ran out of their organs. Seven puppies died on the spot, and the remaining one was also separated. He was seriously injured and died. It is understood that the dog’s mother Ammu is 4 years old and is usually taken care of by the neighbors nearby. Most of the local residents are very kind to animals. Pet dogs can also stray and eat together. However, there were incidents of dogs attacking children to death nearby many years ago. Residents still treat stray dogs. Very disgusted. Ammu, who saw the children being attacked, wanted to rescue him anxiously. In the end, he could only touch each baby, hoping that the children would wake up. After other villagers buried the puppies, Ammu often whimpered and wandered nearby. After the incident, Ammu was taken home by a neighbor to take care of him, but fell ill and passed away on July 8.

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